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The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live. – Ethel Andrus

This quote was scribble down on a note that my grandmother gave me in 2008. Her note quickly became the foundation of my college commencement address to the Class of 2008. Since the carefree days of college that message has guided many decisions in my life. None more so than in August 2014 when I left corporate America as the Director of Premium Seats for Live Nation Entertainment.

During that month, I choose a life that fueled my passion for helping others and the fitness community. In doing so, I joined J&A Racing because it’s all I actually wanted since I was 15. When presented the opportunity I knew it was time. That change was made possible because of the support and trust Ashley, my wife, put in me. Live Nation provided me unbelievable opportunities and I met incredible mentors, but at the end of the day I knew my heart was in a different place.  An April trip this past year to Canada confirmed everything that I thought about since 2014.

I was fortunate enough to be nominated to attend lululemon’s world summit in Whistler, Canada. Sitting on the floor during a breakout session we were challenged on our life’s purpose.

When I made the leap from hustling corporate VIP concert seats to joining the fitness community, I never would have dreamed that my life’s purpose would connect with the essential ingredient message while sitting 3,100 miles from home. I realized in that moment, that at 29 years old I am living out my life’s purpose.

Since that trip, I have continued to allow this quote to provide direction in my life. There is also another message that I learned that day, about a wolf (more on that later) that has continued to provide inspiration to me. These messages are my true measures of success and help me define my purpose.

As summer faded to fall, I became an  RRCA Certified Coach and led two 150+ person J&A Racing Training Teams both of which were on my 2015 goals. Many people joke that my life is filled with running and helping to throw events where drinks are involved. They’re probably correct … on the surface level…but seeded beneath the Happy Hours, crazy costumes that my good friend Josh and I rock, and #trainjanda is the hope that that I can help others achieve their goals.

Most of the time I am pretty private about my own goals. However, I would not be feeding the right wolf if I didn’t put (almost) all my goals out there for others to see. Check out my 16 goals for 2016 here!

What quote/message helps to guide your life + what is one of your goals for 2016?

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